How does it work?

 Trauma, stress and emotional upset – the many difficulties we encounter in daily life, at work or at home, have an effect of the rhythm of our primary respiration, it's quality and it's amplitude – this can sometimes lead to an imbalance, which then can lead to problems in health or wellbeing.


With profound listening and gentle touch the practitioner identifies areas of restriction in the patient and encourages the rhythmic movements to release and therefore allow wellbeing and equilibrium to be restored.


The patient will be lying on a massage table, fully clothed and the practitioner will gently hold certain vital points on their body, for example the cranium, the sacrum, the feet or any other area of the body where the practitioner feels a restriction.


The patient may have a sense of deep relaxation during a session, some slight vibrations, heat, pulsing or wavelike movements – these are sensations of the fluidic tides in the body moving


Patients often report a profound sense of wellbeing and rest, a sense of coming back to yourself, a physiological and psychological wellbeing.


A well trained practitioner will be able to do profound work in establishing a balance in the central nervous system via the cranio-sacral axis (the spinal column and it's surroundings).


Listening to the cranio-sacral rhythms allows for release of many lesions and tensions by inviting the body to express itself and engage it's own healing mechanisms to move towards wellness.


The body is very complex and has it's own kind of intelligence, it knows how to regain balance within itself, and how it feels well.


Cranio sacral therapy gives a support system to the body to allow it to express this knowledge and to work towards homeostasis and releasing blockages, be they mental, physical or existential.



Cranio sacral therapy offers an aid to wellbeing, physical and emotional, but not a replacement for medical care, and all traditional methods of healthcare are happily worked alongside by this method and it is in no way considerd an alternative, a trained practitioner will refer when necessary to a medical practitioner.


This method is very respectful of the clients own system, not only offering a holistic approach to recalibrate and work towards well being but also a way to handle the ongoing stresses of daily life.


Daily stress can make us susceptible to many health problems, fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, as well as ongoing more chronic symptoms.


Inevitably we live in this world however and live these lives, cranio sacral therapy aims to help to support the wellbeing and general 'health hygiene' of those in need. It can also be a way to help those who are sick to cope with their illness, though a deep listening to their body and it's troubles, and can be a great comfort in times of transition.




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